Akdogan, Haktan

Haktan AkdoganHaktan Akdogan, a pioneering Turkish UFO researcher, was born in Turkey . He is fluent in English, French and Turkish. Akdogan's curiosity about the mystery of Space drew his interest to this field since childhood and became a part of his daily life. It has been now 21 years that he continues his scientific researches on the subject and participating in worldwide UFO Symposiums. In order to share information on the subject and shed some light on the hidden facts, he produces a weekly documentary TV Program on UFOs named "UFO Reality" in Turkey. Mr. Akdogan has also hosted a weekly Radio program about UFOs at "Cool FM" for 2 years. Akdogan founded "Sirius UFO Space Sciences Research Centre" on May 2, 1997. The Centre chaired by Akdogan has been involved in intensive studies on the subject and initiated many National and International Conferences and workshops.The Centre organized an historical event, The First International UFO Symposium of Middle & Eastern Europe, Balkans and Middle- East, realized on 20-21st February 1999 with the participation of 5.200 people as well as hundreds of news reporters . This followed by the 2nd and the 3rd Conferences in 2000 and 2001. Apart from the Centre's studies, Haktan Akdogan is continuing to give conferences on the subject both in Turkey and abroad. He continues to speak at numerous national conferences, at Universities , National Associations and private organisations...etc. He is also the board director of "The International UFO Congress" in Nevada. In order to inform the public on UFO reality, Akdogan participated in more than 135 national TV programs and news as a guest speaker, published numerous articles and gave many interviews both on TVs, radios and national newspapers. Akdogan is also the founder of the First International UFO Museum of Middle and Eastern Europe, Balkans and Middle-East which has opened in Istanbul, Turkey on January 17th 2002. And two new ones which opened in Denizli and Goreme-Turkey in 2005. He is also the creator of World's First "Travelling UFO Museum" which was established summer of 2003 and The Museum on the wheels visits 15-20 cities during summers in Turkey. He is the founder of " SIRIUS Publishing House". He is also publisher and editor in chief of "X Magazine", a monthly publication of UFO and Paranormal related phenomenon. Haktan Akdogan is the creator of the "World UFO Day" which suggests to make peaceful demonstrations and events worldwide on every 2nd of July to increase the public awareness about this important fenomenon as well as to demand world governments to tell the people of the Earth "The Truth!"

His website is: www.siriusufo.org

Haktan Akdogan is Country Director for Turkey for the Exopolitics Institute.