1. Greek goddess, daughter of Zeus and Metis. Chronologically, she was Zeus' first child. She is the Goddess of Wisdom, Common Sense and Handiwork. In the days that Zeus was still fighting to establish his supremacy, and Typhon seemed to be winning, all the other Gods had fled, except for Athena, who stood by her father. Together they defeated Typhon. Since then, Athena also became the Goddess of Martial Arts and War. (Later on, Ares too became 'responsible' for the war-department). One of her attributes, is the owl, symbolizing wisdom, and the all seeing eye. (Owls can see in the dark, so they can see what others cannot; hence the idea that they are all seeing). Her Latin name is Minerva.

2. Lady Athena is the name of a member of the Ashtar Command.