Buchman, Joseph

Joe BuchmanJoseph G. Buchman, PhD (Joe) is an innovator in online higher education and lives in the mountains outside of Park City, Utah with his wife, four children, three Oldsmobile Auroras, two cats and the occasional wild moose. He grew up in Southern Indiana, just outside of Louisville, Kentucky where, after earning a BS in Marketing from Indiana University, he worked in radio and television (WHAS, WLRD, ESPN and others) before moving to Augusta, Georgia where he was the Creative Services Director for WAGT-TV the NBC television affiliate there. After becoming the fastest growing television station in the nation, Joe left WAGT-TV to earn an MBA (MS in Management) from the Krannert Graduate School of Management at Purdue University, a PhD from Indiana University, and spent the next 15 years in traditional Higher Education (earning tenure in 1996). In the summer of 2001, he left traditional higher education to teach online and more fully pursue his life-long dream of adventure travel (which has taken him to Mongolia five times - most recently to the Altai mountains for the August 2008 total solar eclipse (his third), and the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. Later that year he ran for the US House of Representatives as the Libertarian Candidate in Utah’s First District receiving 6,287 votes. He has been a guest on Coast to Coast AM twice, as well as a exopolitical activist speaker at the X-conference. He is the founder of 'grassroots exopolitics' through the 'message in a bottle' website www.ThePeopleofEarthApologize.com

Joe Buchman is a member of the Advisory Board of the Exopolitics Institute.