Corso, Philip (II)

Philip Corso Jr.From the Exopolitics Institute: Philip Corso, Jnr is the son of the late Col. Philip Corso. He is a self-made man born into a military family in Gadsden, Alabama during World War II. His father's Army career took the family to Japan, Italy, Germany and postings in the United States. Phil Corso grew up, married twice and had a daughter and three sons. He parlayed his talent for mechanical engineering into a career and now builds experimental aircraft and runs his company, High Speed Composites.
But his life was to take an extraordinary turn in 1997, when the senior Corso, his father, Colonel Philip J. Corso (ret.), published a memoir written with William J. Birnes. That memoir, The Day after Roswell, is easily one of the most controversial and implicative books published in the 20th Century. Now Phil, Jr. has an additional vocation - protecting, extending and validating his father's legacy.
Philip J. Corso, Sr. died in July of 1998 at the age of 83. He had made a decision to tell his story as best he could. He spoke eloquently about the need for the United States government to tell the American people about their world. Now his son speaks for him. It is a worthy vocation, the product of which may well be a paradigm change in human affairs and world peace.