French, Andrew

Andrew FrenchAndrew French is from the UK originally (born 1969) and started having contact and sighting experiences (involuntary) from around the age of 6. There were approximately 5 events he was involved in up until the age of about 15, of which a regression (Hong Kong, 2015) was needed to really remember what took place. In 1987 Andrew emigrated to the USA and was there until 2009. He then relocated to Shanghai, China. After one year, he moved to Shenzhen, China which is on the border of Hong Kong. During his time on the HK border he began to get more interested in the UFO and ET phenomena as well as trying to understand what his past experiences were about. During his research he discovered Dr. Michael Salla’s Exopolitics Institute and enrolled as a student, receiving his certificate in August 2015. He has engaged in three CE-5 events with a few spectacular results during several expeditions to the USA (Sedona, Arizona). In November 2015 Andrew will relocate to the Scottish Borders and will continue his Exopolitics education through earning the full diploma and establishing a local CE-5 group and potentially a contactee/abductee group (based in Scotland and/or Northern England) as well as being involved in JAR magazine.