Gilliland, James

James GillilandJames Gilliland was a succesful businessman until he experienced a Near Death Experience (NDE) over twenty years ago. After his NDE, James received the gift of Interdimensional Mind and the ability to transfer powerful consciousness and energy to others, helping them in their own awakening and healing process. He is a author of REUNION WITH SOURCE and BECOMING GODS II. He's lived a semi-reclusive life since 1986 at the Sattva Sanctuary, a 70 acre mountain retreat located at the base of Mt. Adams in Trout Lake, Washington. He has filmed many UFOs passing over Sattwa Sanctuary and hosted numerous scientists, UFO researchers abd filmakers who have been investigating the UFO phenomenon in the Mt Adams area. James has had several direct experiences with extraterrestrials, and communicates with extraterrestrial races in the vicinity of Sattwa Sanctuary. He claims Mt Adams is the location of an extraterrestrial base that is frequented by a number of extraterrestrial civilizations interested in raising human consciousness and promoting world peace. His principal website is

James is a member of the Advisory Board of the Exopolitics Institute.