Kitei, Lynne

Lynne D. KiteiLynne D. Kitei, M.D. is an internationally-acclaimed physician and health educator, a leader in early disease detection and prevention. Dr. Kitei received her BS in Secondary Science Education from Temple University and an M.D. from the Temple University School of Medicine. She was Chief Clinical Consultant at the world-renowned Arizona Heart Institute's Imaging/Prevention/Wellness Center in Phoenix, Arizona until coming forward with the "Phoenix Lights" project. She is a key witness to the still-unexplained mass sighting that took place throughout Arizona on March 13, 1997 called the "Phoenix Lights." After years of private research and continued sightings of anomalous phenomena, Dr Kitei feels it is imperative to share the riveting data she has compiled in her bestselling book, The Phoenix Lights...A Skeptic's Discovery That We Are Not Alone (Hampton Roads Publishing, 2004) andher Internationally award winning Documentary, "The Phoenix Lights" (2005). She is also sensitive to the challenges facing high level professionals who wish to address extraterrestrial-related phenomena, as well as the inadequate media and government response to this extraordinary and historic event. Dr. Kitei has been recognized in the Who's Who of American Women, was chosen as the Woman of the Year in Pennsylvania, and has been featured for her ground-breaking work in publications such as the Philadelphia Inquirer, TV Guide magazine, Runner magazine, Phoenix magazine, Physician's Management magazine and the LA Times Magazine. She is an award winning producer, writer and director of health-related curriculi and was called the "woman pioneer of medical communications" in TV Guide after creating and producing innovative TV news health reports for NBC in Philadelphia in 1976. She has dedicated almost 30 years to global public awareness, wellness, and health education. Her AIDS, Substance Abuse and Teen Pregnancy programs have won the Telly Bronze Award in 1995, the National Education Film & Video Festival Silver Apple Award in 1994, the New York International Film Festival Finalist Award in 1992 and 1993, the Chicago International Film Festival Silver Hugo and Finalist Awards in 1993, the Columbus International Film & Video Festival Honorable Mention Award in 1991, the Arizona Hemmy Award in 1993 and 1994 and are currently being distributed by Discovery Education. "The Phoenix Lights Documentary" has recently won the 'Best Director' award at the 2005 NY International Independent Film Festival and 'Best Documentary' award at the 2005 Sci-Fi International Film Festival. After decades of disseminating the truth about vital health issues, she feels obliged to do the same for THIS vital topic. She states, "It is time we get this information concerning the reality of unexplained phenomena out in the open in a gentle, yet informative and credible way, so that we can address it, accept it and studyit - helping us to move forward in our own evolution - before it is too late". You can view Dr. Kitei's photos, two minute Documentary trailer and more on her website:

Lynne Kitei is a former member of the advisory board of the Exopolitics Institute