Moreno, Steve

Steve MorenoSTEVE MORENO is the founder and President of Psi APPLICATIONS, a non-profit research foundation that envisions the creation of a unifying network of cooperative experts from the many independent disciplines that currently exist within the spectrum covering the paranormal field. Steve has come to recognize an undeniable relationship between all of these various aspects and hopes such a coordinated research approach will allow for a scientific foundation to become firmly established in the process. Though he may lack any formal academic degrees, it is his unique background that qualifies him. Prior to an NDE (Near Death Experience) at the age of 22, Steve was a typical psychic/experiencer - the same as the many he now investigates. Unlike most typical NDEs, Steve’s psychic experiences came to a halt after the experience. This allowed him to lead a more normal life, except for being obligated to honor a perceived promise he made during the course of that NDE, which allowed for him to remain within this life. This dichotomy created a unique capability to understand, befriend, and document many current psychics/experiencers, and associated anomalous phenomena, while also networking the research and study of this data into the mainstream of science and academia. Most importantly, Steve’s unique style, investigative methodology, and filtering system has allowed him to obtain some of the best cases, which demonstrate that benevolent contacts with possible advanced Extraterrestrial / Ultraterrestrial beings may be current and ongoing in nature. These may be occurring right under our eyes, showing a willingness to be documented and to reciprocate back in an equally positive fashion if we should acknowledge them as such. Likewise, Steve considers one factor of ‘benevolence’ to be when these very same beings will also just ‘leave us alone’, if even the slightest type of negative response or hostile intent is perceived to come from us. Qualifying cases that demonstrate benevolent contact are placed into one of Psi APPLICATIONS’ various “Project Contact Initiatives”. Over the years he has come to be a respected and seasoned researcher and investigator, networking with many notable experiencers, contactees, scientists, and scholars. He has served as a media consultant and advisor, and has appeared as a guest on numerous radio and T.V. shows. He once served as a co-host for National Cable Radio Network’s ‘UFO’s Tonight Show’. Steve is also known for coordinating and leading teams of qualified experts when necessary to scientifically investigate and report on paranormal phenomenon. This was recently demonstrated in 2003, in the culmination of a 6-month investigation into 3 record setting crop formations in California, when a national press conference was held to announce unprecedented scientific results that were found to exist. This was the first time such a conference was ever called by an organization like Psi APPLICATIONS, and considered credible enough to receive full national coverage. For expanded bio information see the Director’s Bio. His website is:

Steve Moreno is a member of the Advisory Board of the Exopolitics Institute.