Pajula, Olli

Olli PajulaOlli Pajula (Finland, 1945) is the webmaster of the Exopolitics Finland pages. He holds M.Sc. in biology from the University of Oulu. Olli has worked as an assistant teacher in Oulu University biology department, as a biology, geography, anatomy and physiology teacher at many levels (the last : The School of Health and Social Care of Oulu University of Applied Sciences) and as a project manager and project planner in health and wellbeing projects in Oulu University of Applied Sciences (ret. in 2005). Olli is interested in languages (Italian, Spanish, English, German, Swedish), travel and music. He is Tuira Chamber Choir singer and webmaster, singer (second bass) in Oulu City Theater operas, creator and webmaster of web pages in many languages for example about opera, jazz, travel, UFOs and esperanto (local club president). Olli has had a lifelong interest in universe and ufology. At the age of 18 he built a telescope (Newton reflector) of his own. He has investigated abductions with regressive hypnosis. Olli travelled to Peru, Columbia and Bolivia (1989 - 1999) three times as a guide for groups interested in UFO phenomena. Recently he became CUFORS Finland Field Representative, EUFORO creator and webmaster and Black Fault Exopolitics Group founder. He is also a well known speaker in Finland and will select the best book of the year about alternative subjects for ULTRA magazine (biggest in Finland in the field) ( Principal websites:,

Olli Pajula is a member of the Advisory Board of the Exopolitics Institute, and a member of the Exopolitics World Network.