Rasin, Karel

Karel RasinKarel Rasin (Czech Republic) has studied various questions of astrology (he is preparing a new astrology book 'Black Moon') and first of all he has been interested in the UFO phenomena since his youth. There is especially the examination of the abductions phenomena that he has researched. He contacted almost all the people in the Czech Republic believing to have lived the syndrome of UFO abduction and he was exploring them thoroughly. He published the results of his study in a well-researched book 'Setkání ctvrtého druhu, realita únosu do UFO v Cechách' (Close encounter of the fourth kind - Reality of UFO abductions in Czech Republic) (Votobia 2002). This is the only book of a Czech author treating thoroughly the matter. He is in a close contact with many researchers interested in the UFO phenomena both in the Czech Republic and in other countries. He has been lecturing many times atvarious conferences and congresses in the Czech Republic. As he is interested since long in the exopolitics, he has tried to create a research group in the Czech Republic and he was the only representative of the country he took part with one of his collaborators at the UFO congress Exopolitics Summit 2009 in Barcelona in Spain. He contributed about UFO also in American UFO Magazine and gave several times TV appearance in the news in Czech Republic to comment assorted UFO cases and sightings. His website is: www.exopolitika.cz.

Karel Rasin is a member of the Advisory Board of the Exopolitics Institute, and a member of Exopolitics World Network.