Sasserson, Torbjorn

Torbjorn SasserssonTorbjorn Sassersson (1965-) has a Bachelors degree in Natural Science including Biology, Geology and Environmental protection. Since 1997 he has been working as an environmental and communications consultant for his own company Sasser Media Lab as well as on contract for government institutions and projects. He also had a company dealing with intelligent homes sponsored by Swedish leading companies in construction, energy and hardware. Today he is working full time in the area of finance and banking.
After experiencing a confirmed OBE event in 2000 he became interested in the field of parapsychology and its practice. Three years later he managed, during scientific circumstances, to prove beyond doubt the mobility of consciousness in a controlled remote viewing experiment for a Swedish TV Channel aired in 2004. Another successful experiment will beaired in 2009. In 2002 he and a friend experienced a simultaneous encounter with “an intelligence” that pushed the subject of the paranormal into the field of ufology. He realized the potential of human telepathy as a means for communications between species. In 2002 he launched Soul Travel Magazine and in 2008 Exopolitics Sweden. Torbjorn has interviewed US intelligence agents (psychic spies) using remote viewing to find out the intentions and motives of alien intelligences. So far two DVDs has been produced. One features probably the best remote viewer in the world Joe McMonegale revealing alien remnants on planet Mars.