In her book 'The next dimension is love', Dorothy Roeder, a channel, claims she was contacted by Ranoash, a member of a species that calls itself the Ataien.

On the Internet, on the now defunct, I found this information:

"This civilization, which is far in advance of Earthly civilization on both spiritual and material levels, has made physical contact with the Earth in the past. Often it has met with disaster, mostly because they don't have the same kind of physical appearance that humans have. They look like gigantic praying mantises. The term 'mantis' actually means 'divine,' and the Greeks as well as the Bushman tribe of Africa consider the praying mantis to have supernatural powers, but that does not preclude a shocked reaction of the part of most human beings. Ranoash says that the belief stems from a race memory of a time when the Ataien physically intervened on behalf of Earth to avert a catastrophe that had to do with Earth's being invaded by aliens from another universe in the very distant past, before humanity was physically incarnated. The Ataien used their advanced mind powers to immobilize the evil aliens.
Although the Ataien look like insects, they do not prey on other life forms as insects on Earth do. It is interesting that in Lyssa Royal's book The Prism of Lyra, the beings she called 'the founders' who were the creators of all other beings, were also insect-like in appearance. Again, it is important to avoid an egotistical frame of reference and realize that humans probably look as ugly to them as they do to humans.
For a long time, the Ataien lived on plant juices. They have evolved now to the point where they can live directly off the energy of light. They still enjoy eating but it is no longer necessary for their survival. The Ataien have wings, even though they don't need them to travel; however, they do fly for enjoyment and as meditation. They are over six feet tall. Their coloring ranges from light gray to gold. They become more and more gold as they age.
The Ataien have a strong group consciousness, but they are most definitely capable of individual thought, as well. They have learned to create together a flow of thought and feeling that results in harmony for the whole race consciousness. In this regard they are different from humans whose individualism results in separation and negative ego. However, on the positive side, humans have great diversity and creativity, and that intrigues the Ataien since they have chosen the path of group consciousness. The positive side of their path is their sharing, love, and attunement to the source on a collective level. The negative side is that they miss a little bit of diversity that humans have. In this respect the two civilizations can learn from each other.
The Ataien have developed the ability to soul travel in other dimensions. They say that they do not travel forward or backward in time be laterally. This has been one of their main interestsas a culture over the past one thousand years.
They have computers that are actually biological in nature. They can record information into the computers with a type of mental telepathy. The computers, in sense, have become extensions of their own consciousness. To say that their computers are more advanced than Earthly computers is a vast understatement.
Although interested in human diversity, they definitely feel that they have chosen the right path by seeking group cohesion --in truth, that is spiritual consciousness. As everyone on the spiritual path knows, there are no separate individuals; that is an illusion. There is only one being in the infinite universe, and that is God. Now that the Ataien have achieved that ideal group consciousness, they can, in harmony with the Divine Plan, explore the creative diversity of individualism.
The Ataien are wide open to sharing their experiences and their knowledge of how to achieve the world harmony which Earth needs so badly. Humanity has begun to move in that direction but is still very far from the ideal. There is still to much separative consciousness. The Ataien can be great teachers for humans in this regard. They can also help humans to let go of their deep attachment to the Adam Kadmon form of physical body and to recognize that all beings throughout God's infinite universe, regardless of their physical types, are brothers and sisters in God.
(Source Of Information: Hidden Mysteries, by Dr. Stone, 5252 Coldwater Canyon, #112, Van Nuys, Calif. 91410, (818) 769-1181. )"

Note that there are rumours that the US Govt. made an agreement with several alien species, one of which is said to be a race of praying mantis-like creatures. It is not clear whether these are the Ataien or another similar race.

Source of information: the now defunct, as well as Dr. Joshua David Stone's Hidden Mysteries