Bekkum, Gary

Gary Bekkum
Gary Bekkum

From his self-written bio on Futurist Gary S. Bekkum is an independent occasional "rogue journalist," "Jedi journalist," author, and a researcher of material that blurs the distinction between fiction and reality.

Bekkum coined the term "rogue journalist" as a citizen who ferrets out material using methods outside the scope of conventional journalism. Jedi Journalism involves writing about future events, before they happen.

In 2004 Bekkum launched STARstream Research, an informal survey of exotic physics and consciousness concepts related to the survival or otherwise of the human race, built from an international network of contacts in science and the defense industry. Some of the STARstream Research material is available to the public at

Bekkum has appeared on national radio with "Coast to Coast AM" hosts George Noory and George Knapp, and on Internet radio with Don Ecker at Dark Matters Radio and Angelia Joiner of The Joiner Report. Bekkum has been cited in books by physicists Jack Sarfatti and Shan Gao (Beijing, China), and in "The Secret Life of Uri Geller: CIA Masterspy?" by Jonathan Margolis.

In the late 1990s, Bekkum semi-covertly provided behind the scenes information to British author Nick Cook, the former aviation editor and presently Aerospace Consultant for "Jane’s Defence Weekly." Given that only a small amount of that material made its way into Cook’s book, "The Hunt for Zero Point", Bekkum decided to write a follow up article called "Dark Matters Surround Dark Energy." The Russian on-line newspaper Pravda published the storyas "American Military is Pursuing New Types of Exotic Weapons."

As a result of his efforts, Bekkum has reported numerous contacts with past and present intelligence officials interested in the application of exotic phenomena, ranging from antigravity to mind-to-mind communication, and predicting future events.

He is the author of several books including "Spies, Lies and Polygraph Tape," "Knowing the Future: The UFO Spy Games," "To the Moon and Back, With Love," and "Quantum of Strangeness."