Chupacabras are small animals, possibly of alien origin, that look like a cross between a Grey and a kangaroo. (One witness described them as kangoroos with the head of a deer, but with fangs or tusks).
The name "chupacabra" is Spanish and means goat-sucker. Like vampires, chupacabras are said to live of the blood they suck out of small animals (from chickens to goats).
Initially, they seemed to limit their activities to Latin America and the Bahamas, though in recent years there have been sightings in the South of the USA, as well. As of 2006, chupacabras have been sighted in Europe (Russia and the UK), too.
In May and October 2004, two animals were shot in Elmendorf, and in Pollok in Texas, USA, that may be "chupacabras." Biologists disagree as to what they are.
More research will be needed.

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