The name Clarion seems to be a popular one for planets that are inhabited by human looking extraterrestrials.

1. In his book Oltre di Cielo (Beyond Heaven), Maurizio Cavallo tells of his encounters, since 1981, with extraterrestrials that live in Italy. They look like normal humans and allegedly come from a place called 'Clarion' which would be in the Aquila constellation. Cavallo has photos of them and their craft. He claims they are part of a 'confederation'. The case is still under investigation by both Paola Harris and Jaime Maussan.

LOCATION: somewhere in the Aquila constellation.

PHENOTYPE: A1, human looking, indistinguishable from Earth Humans.

Reliability of information: contactee who is first-hand witness and is considered credible by investigators.

Source of information:


2. Another contactee case, though from the 50s, is Truman Bethurum who also claimed he had had firsthand contact with human looking extraterrestrials from a planet called Clarion. Bethurum made several predictions that failed the materialize. He also made other statements that are obviously false. The location of 'Clarion,' e.g., would have been within our solar system, at first said to be 'hiding behind the moon'. Later on, that was changed to in a synchronous orbit with Earth, which would make it permanently invisible as it would always be behind the sun. (Needless to say that astronomically speaking, this is nonsense, since the presence of such a planet would have been detected by other means, like, e.g., its gravimetric influence).

Reliability of information: unreliable witness combined with content that has been proven (obviously) false. Generally believed to be a charlatan.


3. Also in the 50s, there was the case of Marian Keech (real name Dorothy Martin) who claimed she was in telepathic contact with extraterrestrial beings who also seemed to hail from a planet called Clarion. Keech / Martin attracted a following that turned into a doomsday cult. Keech / Martin and her followers believed a massive flood would take place, but she and the followers would be rescued by a UFO that was supposed to come and pick them up. When the prophecies failed to materialize, the followers started making up explanations. This case became the basis for a book called When Prophecy Fails, by Leon Festinger, Henry Riecken, and Stanley Schachter.

Reliability of information: unreliable witness combined with content that has been proven (obviously) false.