Coulthart, Ross

Ross Coulthart is an Australian investigative journalist and author who has also worked in public relations. He is an advocate for the idea that governments are covering up knowledge of UFOs and alien visitations. In this blog post, we will explore his background, his involvement in Ufology, and some of his recent projects.

Coulthart was born in the UK and moved to New Zealand with his family, where he graduated with a law degree from the Victoria University of Wellington. He then moved to Australia, where he started his career as a journalist. He worked for various TV programs, such as Four Corners, Sunday Night, and 60 Minutes, covering topics ranging from politics, crime, war, to health and science. He also wrote several books, including The Butcher of Bega, a medical scandal expose, and Lost Diggers, a historical investigation of World War I soldiers.

Coulthart's interest in Ufology began in 2017, when he saw the New York Times article that revealed the existence of the Pentagon's Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP), a secret project that studied UFOs. He was intrigued by the credible sources and evidence that suggested some UFOs were not human-made and could perform maneuvers beyond our current technology. He decided to investigate further and contacted some of the key players in the field, such as Luis Elizondo, the former head of AATIP, and Jeremy Corbell, a documentary filmmaker who released several videos of Navy encounters with UFOs.

Coulthart soon realized that there was a lot more to the story than what was publicly disclosed. He learned that there were multiple government agencies and private contractors involved in studying UFOs, that there were witnesses and whistleblowers who had seen or handled UFO debris or bodies, and that there was a concerted effort to suppress or discredit this information. He also discovered that Australia had its own history of UFO sightings and investigations, some of which were linked to the US and UK programs.

Coulthart decided to share his findings with the public through various media platforms. In 2021, he starred in The UFO Phenomenon, a special television series for Seven News in Australia that claimed to "unearth startling new evidence of UFOs from government officials and eyewitnesses that will change everything you thought you knew about the universe."  He also co-hosted Need To Know with Coulthart and Zabel, a podcast that dealt with the latest developments and controversies in Ufology, featuring interviews with experts and insiders.  He also reported for NewsNation on the recent revelations putting the CIA's Office of Global Access at the center of coordinating UFO Crash Retrieval teams.

Coulthart's work has been praised by many in the Ufology community for bringing more attention and credibility to the subject. He has also faced criticism from some skeptics and debunkers who accused him of being biased, sensationalist, or gullible. Coulthart has defended his approach as being based on rigorous journalism and evidence-based inquiry. He has also acknowledged that there are many unknowns and uncertainties in Ufology, and that he is open to changing his views if new information emerges.

Coulthart's involvement in Ufology is not only motivated by curiosity and professional interest, but also by a sense of duty and responsibility. He believes that the public has a right to know the truth about UFOs and their implications for humanity's future. He also hopes that his work will inspire more people to demand transparency and accountability from their governments and institutions regarding this issue.