Crop Circles

Another enigma of our times is the phenomenon of the Crop Circles. Since 1976 the media have been paying attention to the mysterious designs that seem to almost instantaneously manifest in crop fields. There are indications however, that the phenomenon was already witnessed in ancient times.

In the last two decades, the patterns have become ever more complex. These days, some crop circles clearly are drawings that indicate an intelligence behind them. One, e.g., contained the portrait of a grey alien. Some recent crop circle designs demonstrate such a degree of deliberate complexity that explanations as natural phenomena can now safely be discarded. And while it is clear that at least some crop circles are the work of crop circle artists, the theory that all crop circles are hoaxes cannot be maintained either. There are simply too many crop circles, some of them appearing simultaneously on different ends of the world, with too high a degree of complexity, to be the work of a handful of hoaxers. Reports by people that passed places where crop circles appeared indicate that they seem to be made in minutes; some even claim seconds. And there are a series of other peculiarities that exclude the work of pranksters: researchers found that the molecular composition of the crops within the circle has changed. It is unknown how the stalks can be bent in 90-degree angles, without breaking them, while different layers are pointing in different directions, sometimes even interwoven like braided hair. The plants also live on but grow horizontally instead of vertically. Researchers have not been able to reproduce any of these phenomena successfully.

So, what are they? Many people believe crop circles are expressions of consciousness, that use advanced symbols (sometimes referred to as 'the language of light'). They are higher dimensional patterns that are manifesting now because at this moment in time dimensions are colliding. We are in a process of accessing higher dimensions. Crop circles are part of this. They are meant to assist in transcending linear, logical thinking, and in our becoming multi-dimensional beings with multi-dimensional awareness.

Other researchers, like Jacques Vallee, point out that most crop circles appear in the vicinity of military research facilities, and therefore deem a military explanation more plausible.