Ectom allegedly is the name of a planet in the Pleiades system. Members of an Aymara tribe in Southwest Ecuador were contacted in December 1973 by beings who claimed to come from there. These beings asked the tribe members to help them by taking part in some kind of breeding program, which involved carrying their babies for them. The case was investigated, among others, by Wendelle Stevens.

Astronomical data

All that is known is that Ectom is a planet within the Pleiades cluster. No star is mentioned.

Physical appearance

The inhabitants of Ectom look like regular humans (phenotype A1).

Case Information

This is a famous contact case in Ecuador where members of an Aymara tribe were asked to take part in some kind of breeding program. Jose and Graciela were the first to be approached by the beings.

"Jose, from southwest Ecuador, was approached near a river by a being from a  landing flyingdisc. The extra-terrestrial being from Planet Ectom asked Jose if he and his wife Graciela would be willing to carry one of the fertilized ovums of the E.T.s through the early development of the embryo. The goal of the Ectom E.T.s was to impart Earth humanity's emotional sensitivity into their species, which had all but lost their emotions over the aeons. The Ectom E.T.s hoped that this experimental process would help them be successful in regaining the emotions they had lost over the generations. There were eight other native women involved in this impregnation process in this region of Ecuador at the same time."

Another source adds that Graciela had been unable to have children before they agreed to carry the hybrids, but was able to conceive afterwards. Once the children were born, the aliens collected them and were never seen again.

Several sources refer to the beings as Pleiadians and to stones that they would have left behind as proof. David Icke and Jeff Rense did a program on the stones... (and there is a YouTube video on it.)