According to Billy Meier, Erra is the name of a planet circling Taygeta, which is one of the main stars of the Pleiades Cluster. Meier claims Erra is the home Planet of his contact Semjase.

Wendelle Stevens, in "UFO contact from the Pleiades" explains that Erra is inhabited by a race of Lyran descent that actually came to Earth first, and then moved on to Pleiades because the Wars continued here,too. So the Errans are Lyran Earth Colonists that moved to the Pleiades.

Branton in the Mojave documents: "The Pleiadeans according to Meier look remarkably, almost exactly, like us although many of them are allegedly 'Nordic' appearing, some with blonde hair and others with darker shades. They number only a little more than 500 million on their Terra- formed planet of Erra, in the 'Taygeta' system of the Pleiades.(...) 'They' also claim to have horses, cows, rabbits, fish, and other 'Terran' life-forms roaming about on their planet."