Astrosociobiology, also known as exosociobiology and as xenosociology, is a field of study that investigates the possibility of extraterrestrial life and the potential for communication with intelligent alien species. It combines principles of astrobiology, sociology, and anthropology to explore the implications of discovering life beyond Earth.

Part of the research in astrosociobiology is based on the assumption that any advanced civilization capable of interstellar travel would likely possess a level of intelligence and social complexity similar to or greater than that of human beings. The field examines the possible ways that such civilizations might communicate with us and what their social structures and values might be.

Some of the key questions addressed by astrosociobiology include: What are the ethical considerations when communicating with extraterrestrial beings? What might be the implications for our own society if we were to establish contact with an alien civilization? How might we identify and interpret signals from other planets that may indicate the presence of intelligent life?

Astrosociobiology is a relatively new and interdisciplinary field that requires expertise in a variety of areas, including astronomy, biology, sociology, psychology, and linguistics. While it is still largely speculative, the study of astrosociobiology has the potential to shed light on our place in the universe and the nature of intelligent life.

Before the topic was removed, the Wikipedia defined exosociobiology (also referred to as astrosociobiology and xenosociology) as the speculative scientific study of extraterrestrial civilizations and their possible social characteristics and developmental tendencies. The field involves the convergence of astrobiology, sociobiology and evolutionary biology. Hypothesized comparisons between human civilizations and those of extraterrestrials are frequently posited, placing the human situation in the same context as other extraterrestrial intelligences. Whenever possible, astrosociobiologists describe only those social characteristics that are thought to be common (or highly probable) to all civilizations. Thus far, it is entirely theoretical.

Note that the Wikipedia only had it listed as astrosociobiology.