Fleischer, Robert

Rob Fleischer
Robert Fleischer

Robert Fleischer is the coordinator of the German Exopolitics Initiative. He was born in the ancient communist part of Germany. He started to become interested in UFOlogy at an early age of 16, when he came to know the famous Paleo-SETI researcher and author Erich von Däniken from Switzerland. He has worked as a TV-journalist for several German TV networks and abandoned this path when he realized it was very hard to report on issues he considered of upmost importance. He has a university degree in conference interpreting and is fluent in German, English, French, Italian and Spanish. His research interests include free energy, Paleo-SETI, Exopolitics, 9/11 and the mechanisms behind the media cover-up. He is author of the book “Mentality in the Film” (Mentalität im Film, ISBN: 978-3-8300-3063-8) in which he analyzes how opinions can be influenced by means of culture-related signs and symbols in the movie. He is a filmmaker and currently working on a documentary about 9/11 and its geopolitical background. He supports German UFO associations like MUFON-CES in publishing their research work. As the coordinator of the German Exopolitics Initiative, his main goal is to bring the UFO discussion in the German public back to a respectful and fact-oriented level, so that there can be an informed and open public debate about the perhaps most important issue that mankind is facing today – the extraterrestrial presence on Earth. Website: http://exopolitik.org/

Robert is a member of the Advisory Board of the Exopolitics Institute, as well as a member of the Exopolitics World Network.

Robert is one of the founding members of Glexo, the Global Exopolitics Organization.