Francisco Mourao Correa

Francisco Mourão Corrêa
F. Mourão Corrêa

Born in 1973, Francisco Mourão Corrêa developed since a young age a growing interest in the possibility of intelligent life in other planets. With dedication and persuasion, he studied the long history of both Portuguese and international ufo cases, and with time, he was able to meet most of the pioneer researchers in Portugal, developing a respectful relationship, which quickly became a good friendship.

Feeling the sense of stagnation in the field of ufology, and motivated by the activism of people like Steven Greer, Stephen Bassett or Paola Harris, in 2009 Francisco founded the Portuguese Exopolitics Initiative, which was later registered as a non-for-profit organization.

Exopolitics Portugal works in coordination with CTEC, the Centre of Transdisciplinary Studies of Consciousness, a research and think tank department of the University Fernando Pessoa in Porto, Portugal. The members of this research centre are academics from different universities in Portugal.

Over the years, with the support of CTEC, Francisco has organized several conferences at the University Fernando Pessoa, with speakers like David Griffin, Frederik Uldall, Gary Heseltine, Olli Pajula, Paola Harris, Pepón Jover, Richard Dolan, Robert Fleischer, Stephen Bassett.

Besides Portugal, he has made presentations at UFO conferences in the Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Spain and the UK.

Francisco has been part of the production, and participated in the filming in Portugal, of documentaries like “UFO Europe” and “Planet UFO” both for National Geographic Channel, and “Extraterrestres” seasons 1, 2 and 3 for the History Channel. He has also participated in news segments of Portuguese TV channels, as well and radio shows, talk shows, and he also collaborates with the UFO Truth Magazine.

Along with other heads of international Exopolitics groups, he co-founded the Global Exopolitics Organization (GLEXO), and is part of the Advisory Board of the Exopolitics Institute.


Source: Francisco Mourao Correa.