Gonzalez, Ricardo

Ricardo González was born in Lima, Peru on April 21, 1974, but currently lives in Argentina. He is one of the most important contemporary contactees from Latin America and one of the few moving beyond his testimony by enriching it with further research.

He has published 11 books about his contact experience, several of them with Ediciones Luciernaga which belongs to Grupo Planeta. At the time of writing (March 2018), two of his books are available in English.

Ricardo has given conferences and participated in congresses in more than 40 countries, among which are the US, Switzerland, Italy, France, Spain, Canada, the U.S., Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Colombia, Brazil, Chile and Argentina.

He is frequently interviewed by well-known radio and TV shows on an international level. Furthermore, he made inroads conducting and producing "Enigmas" for Channel 13 in Asunción, Paraguay, a show that won the Parana Award as the best research-based program.

His case was investigated, among others, by Paola Harris and Grant Cameron. Paola Harris, while attending one of his retreats in the US, near Mt. Shasta, even got to see one of his extraterrestrials contact, named 'Antarel.' Grant Cameron interviewed several people who witnessed the event.