Great Central Sun

The Great Central Sun is NOT one place or star in the universe. Basically, one could say that 'The Great Central Sun' is the central star of the theater where the battles between 'Light' and 'Dark' are fought. For aeons of time, Orion was referred to as the Great Central Sun. For Earth however, Sirius is taking over that role.

Given these facts, there are several views in literature.

"The center, or core of white fire from which the spiritual/ material universes emanate.
(Sirius, the Dog Star, has been the focal point of the Great Central Sun in our section of the Universe, but over time this position changes, because of the precession of equinoxes)." (SJA)

As, mentioned above, other authors see a connection between the Central Sun, and the Orion galactic Wars.

More recently, Alcyone in the Pleiades has also been referred to as the Great Central Sun in mainly channeled material about the Mayas.