Humanoid phenotype

The humanoid phenotype comprises those beings whose physical appearance displays characteristics resembling those of a human.

Four sub-categories can be distinguised:

  1. Standard terran humanoid: this applies to those extraterrestrials that look identical to terrestrial human beings. They can walk among us unrecognised. This sub-category includes the so-called Blonds or Nordics, who are often observed; as well as many others.
  2. Shorter humanoid: this applies to terrestrial looking aliens who are shorter in size than the majority of terrestrial humans. These include, e.g., the Santinians, the Korendrians, and the Short non-greys.
  3. Taller humanoid: this subcategory consists of of extraterrestrials that look terrestrial in appearance, but are taller than the average human being. These include the Tall Whites as several types of 'giants' (like, e.g. the Bawwi.
  4. Humanoid with different features: a fourth subcategory consists of beings that in many ways look human, i.e. like us, yet have one or more features that clearly distinguish them from 'normal' humans. These distinguishing features can, e.g., include colours or types of skin, hair, eyes that are not found here on Earth. These include, e.g., cat people, bird-people, blue-skinned aliens, Blue Avians, aliens with wrinkled faces, and so on...

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