Hybridization Programme

Both Budd Hopkins and David Jacobs warn about a hybridization programma. The abduction phenomenon reveals that the alien agenda involves the creation of, probably genetically engineered, alien (i.e. Grey) - human hybrids. Some of these hybrids can walk among us undetectedly. According to Budd Hopkins, these hybrids "are reportedly driving cars, shopping, and conducting strange 'job interviews' while maintaining their alien abilities of mind control and telepathy. The interlocking data point to alien infiltration into our world for goals unknown."

David Jacobs adds: ... "rather than adding just alien DNA to the fertilized ova, the DNA from a hybrid is put in that zygote. What results is a skewed bell-shaped curve where more of the offspring look human-like, less look in the middle, and less look alien-like. When the aliens repeat that process enough, the product is hybrids in various stages of increasingly human appearance.
I have arbitrarily divided these hybrids into early-stage, middle-stage, late-stage, and human-stage hybrids. The early-stage ones look quite alien, although they have some hair, they are very thin, and they have large black eyes with a little bit of white corneas in the eyes. They have very thin, wispy hair and oddly shaped faces with pointed chins. Their bodies are thin as well. They are seldom seen outside the confines of a UFO, in which they do tasks required of them to help out with the abduction program.
The middle-stage hybrids look more human. They have large black eyes with more white showing. They have thin, but more, hair. They have bodies that are not so thin. They also help with abduction procedures.
The late-stage hybrids are attached to abductees as personal friends and help the abductees to learn to work projects for “the future.” They are seen in public and can often pass for human. They live onboard the UFOs and make forays into normal human life as part of the abduction program. They do not have a life here among us.
The human-stage hybrids mainly deal with abductees in their normal human environment. They are, on the surface, indistinguishable from humans. They have different biological and neurological processes than humans that give them special abilities, such as being able to control humans."

(Source: Journal for Abduction-Encounter Research, volume 1.)

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