The word 'Illuminati' comes from Latin and literally means 'the enlightened ones.' Many groups or individuals have claimed this title. None of them, however, appeared to be as 'enlightened' as they claimed to be.

Some definitions:

1. PoL: "Webster defines 'Illuminati' as 'persons possessing, or alleging to possess, superior enlightenment; a name for various sects or societies which claim to possess superior enlightenment.' This may refer to humans as well as various extraterrestrial groups (physical and non-physical) who are either self-deluded or who deliberately attempt to gain control of human society. Some such negative groups may include: Orions, Sirians, Lyrans, and 'renegade' Pleiadians.
The historical foundation of the Illuminati is rooted in times past when various extraterrestrial groups were in control (or fighting for control) of the Earth, in whole or in part. Because of these ancient interactions, the Illuminati believe that they have territorial rights over the Earth that they still disagree about amongst themselves. Some will attempt incarnation in order to carry out their wishes in the physical. The Illuminati can also be viewed as from the non-physical as an archetypal energy that once interacted physically with Earth. This group eventually side-stepped natural evolution, and became a specifically focused archetype. This archetype is bound tightly with the planet by its needs to keep humans from their natural evolutionary processes."

2. The term is also used to refer to members of the Secret Government.
Some families that are said to be part of the Illuminati: Rothschilds, Kuhn, Loeb, Lehman, Rockefellers, Sachs, Warburg, Lazard brothers, Israel Moses, Seaf, Goldman, Jacob Schiff, J. P. Morgan, J. Henry Schroder

3. The name 'Illuminati' was also given to some members of the Orion Empire; more precisely, to the (3) leaders of the Forces of Darkness. (Solara, El*An*Ra. The healing of Orion.)

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