Quite a number of abductees report discovering implants in their bodies after their abduction experience. Even though implants can be located anywhere in the body, the ones that are located in the nasal cavity are by far the most common. Many abductees report having frequent nosebleeds because of this. Often the implants are also found behind the ears or at the back of the skull, or in the individual's hands, or along the spine or on the shoulders or temples, or on the inside of the knees. Sometimes they are detected by a throbbing sensation, as from an infection, without the area actually being infected. Usually, there is some skin irritation, though on some occasions actual laser-like incision marks are noticeable for a short while after the abduction.

All of these are physical implants. Most of them are semi-biological in nature, so when they are removed and analysed, they look unsuspicious, like ordinary biological tissue. Apart from these physical implants, there are other types that have been planted in people's astral, emotional, mental and etheric bodies, too. In fact, these are even more common than the physical implants. They come in many different sizes and shapes, and with many different functions.

Most of the implants are negative. They are designed to drain people's energy, or to spy, or for telepathic control, or to block spiritual growth and insights (by frequency control), etc. Some implants however are just neutral feedback devices that were implanted in Starseeds that had agreed to have this done before they incarnated, so their species of origin can learn. And on rare occasions one comes across implants that are actually positively used to receive useful information, and to open up to higher frequencies. When this is the case the information is often provided in dreams.

A lot of research on alien implants was done by Dr. Roger Leir (+ March 2014), who was a podiatric surgeon who became widely known for his research and claims regarding alien implants. Dr. Leir claimed to have removed numerous objects from individuals who believed they had been abducted by extraterrestrials. He conducted surgeries to extract these objects, which he and his supporters claimed were of non-terrestrial origin. The removed objects were subjected to various tests and analyses. Dr. Leir and others involved in the research often reported unusual properties of these implants, such as their composition or emitting of electromagnetic radiation.

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