Insectoid phenotype

The insectoid phenotype consists of those beings whose appearances (and/or behaviour) resembles those of insects. As was the case with the Reptilians and Amphibians, the Insectoids are a mixed category where some of the phenotypes display some humanoid traits as well, whereas others are more akin to what is normally considered typical for an insect.

Several types have thus far been included:

  1. Praying Mantis-like: the insectoids that are the most common are beings that are reminiscent of praying mantises. They are encountered quite often during abduction experiences. Most accounts describe them as approximately 6 foot / 1.8 m tall. The majority of reports list them as bipedal, though there are others that describe them as more insect-like. The possibility cannot be dismissed that the bipedal ones could be hybrids.
  2. Depanoid: there are reports (and photographs) of beings that are bipedal, with a humanoid torso and limbs, but with an oversized ‘bug' head. These, too, have been encountered by a handful of abductees. The name ‘depanoid' was given by one of those abductees, Jim R. The beings are described as ‘energy-suckers,' or 'energy vampires.' They put their victims through experiences that the victims respond highly emotionally to, and then they ‘feed' of those emotions.
  3. Others: during abductions other insect-like beings have been encountered that don't fall in the two aforementioned subcategories.

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