Itibi Ra

The story of Ludwig Pallman is an intriguing one. In 1969 Pallman claimed he had experienced frequent and ongoing encounters with two aliens, Satu Ra and his sister Xiti, since 1964. He first met them in India in October 1964, and then later again in Peru in early 1967. Pallman also claimed to have been taken to their home world.
Satu Ra and Xiti would have come from Intibi Ra II, in a solar system near the centre of the Milky Way.
Pallman mysteriously disappeared in the Amazon forest in 1970, apparently while trying to find a plantation inhabited by other Itibi Rayans.

Astronomical data

LOCATION: ITIBI RA 2 is near the center of the Milky Way, which is approx. 26 000 light years away. But that is not the place they originate from. They moved there after their own world became uninhabitable because the water disappeared.


Appearance: standard human looking: phenotype A1, meaning indistinguishable from Earth humans.
"He had the light brown skin of a Eurasian, huge dark eyes, a rather small mouth, and an unusual chin line. The lower part of the jaw looked slightly deformed."

Source & Reliability

This case was investigated by Wendelle Stevens and other researchers.

Most of this information is from Rune Overby's contact research. For more information, visit