Klermer is the name of the planet that the beings come from that Herminio & Bianca Reis first met in 1976 in Brazil. Its location is unknown.

Astronomical data

LOCATION: the location of planet Klermer is unknown. No information was given on which star system it belongs to.


Appearance: "We saw that they were two men, very tall, a little over 2.0 meters tall. They were wearing white overalls, and they were coming up to us while they were talking. They were smiling, with beautiful white teeth. The skin was like a bronze color, (...) I also noticed when they came closer that that skin color I had never seen before. They were very beautiful people, with large green eyes, oblique, but the eyes were positioned a little different from our own. Our eyes end at the side of the head in a point. But their eyes were just the opposite. The point was close to the nose and not at the side of the head. They looked like oriental eyes, but in reverse. We see oriental eyes pulled to the sides, but theirs was reversed and pulled to the front, towards the nose, and the round end was at the side of the head. They were very nice looking. They had nice long black hair, worn to the neck,and neatly cut horizontally across the bottom. "
quoted at http://galactic.no/rune/botucatu3.html

Other information: They grew to be several centuries, possibly millennia old.
They reincarnate.

Case Information

The first contact happened in 1976. Herminio Reis, a Jehova's Witness Minister at the time, and his wife, Bianca, were driving from Rio de Janeiro to Belo Horizonte in Brazil, when they were abducted - car and all - aboard a big flying Disc. They remained three days and two nights aboard in conversation and being shown around the craft the whole time. The Minister tried to convert the ET but was himself converted andhe went to teaching yoga in Sao Paulo.
The contacts are still ongoing!

The name of one of their main contacts was Karran, which - erroneously - was mistaken by some to be the name of the planet.

The case was investigated by Rudolfo R. Casellato and Wendelle Stevens.