Planet Lanulos is mentioned in a contact case that started on 2 November 1966, on Interstate 77 in Ohio, in between Marietta and Parkersburg. Woodrow Derenberger, a sewing machine salesman is driving from Marietta to Parkersburg around 7 PM, when he sees some sort of metallic globe flying next to him, and then landing in front of him. Out comes a man who identified himself as Ingrid Cold, from the Planet Lanulos. They talked for a while, and then the man takes off in his craft.

Astronomical Data

Lanulos' location is unknown. Ingrid Cold had stated that Lanulos is 14.6 light years from Earth in the 'Ganymede galaxy of stars,' but there is no such thing. Ganymede is a moon of Jupiter, not a galaxy.

Physical appearance

Ingrid Cold looked human, like us (phenotype A1), was about 6 feet tall, with a dark complexion. 

Woodrow Derenberger also claims he later encountered 'feathered humans,' which would fall in the A4 category of phenotypes.

Case Information According to Cold's account, Lanulos was some 14.6 light years from Earth in the Ganymede galaxy of stars. It was originally settled by people from Earth who traveled there in space ships (thus implying that Earthlings could travel in space prior to the twentieth century) but that the knowledge of space travel had been lost for a long time and only more recently rediscovered. Their new planet was much like Earth, though the yearly cycle had only three seasons: planting, harvest, and cold. Now back in contact with Earth, the Lanulosians can easily pass for human.

Cold related that the people of Lanulos are religious. They believe in one God, the Father of all and the creator of all that is good. They have a language, but also communicate via telepathy. They developed in a nonhostile manner and have no crime or war. Government is loosely organized around a 56-person Guiding Council whose members are elected every six months. If a member proves unfit, he/she is dismissed and another elected to fill the vacancy. The people also have no need of clothes and generally walk around in the nude. When Derenberger first visited the planet, he found he attracted stares because of his clothing and soon adopted the local custom. (Derenberger also reported that he had traveled to Venus and that its residents were nudists).

Marriage is common among the Lanulosians. When a couple marries, they are "united." The male refers to his spouse as his "union," and a female calls her husband her "united." Cold indicated that he had a wife and two children. Children go through a lengthy education period that begins as soon as they seem capable of knowing good from evil. People live to be 125 to 175 years old (in Earth time).

The friendly Lanulosians, while not warlike, were engaged in business, and desired to establish trade with Earth. However, they found their attempts to form a relationship rebuffed. They had approached the American government but found officials unwilling to guarantee their safety. On occasions when they had attempted to land, they had been met with hostility. Cold indicated that he had received wounds from a shotgun on one occasion.

Derenberger published his most substantive account of Lanulos in 1971, though writer John Keel had a continued fascination with the Derenberger story and included information he had collected in several of his books over the years. There has been no independent verification of the existence of such a planet as Derenberger described. Cold told Derenberger that he was a "searcher" and that he was indeed like Derenberger in that he slept, breathed and bled just as humans do. He also told Derenberger that he did not intend toharm him, but wished him happiness. Although a couple of vehicles passed during the conversation, no one reported seeing any craft, but did report seeing Derenberger talking with a man. After the conversation ended a craft descended to the ground and Cold entered it and it left at great speed. Two nights later, on November 4, Derenberger met with Cold again.

Lanulos is supposed to be 14.6 LY away in the [non-existing] 'Ganymede galaxy'.

Cold told Derenberger that he was a "time traveler" from the planet Lanulos near the galaxy Genemedes. Cold said that there were as many as 9 ships from the planet Lanulos visiting earth at the time of his second visit with Derenberger and that these visitors could not stay for long on earth since time reversed for them on earth and they would grow too young to remember how to control their ships. Cold told Derenberger that he was married with children.

Lanulos was much like earth with forests, fields, rivers and oceans. the life span of his people was from 125 to 175 years, but he didn't specify if that was comparable to earth time. 

Although the story of Indrid Cold may seem to be outlandish and there is no proof of any of it, there was a rash of UFO sightings reported in the area of Point Pleasant, West Virginia during the same period of time that Derenberger claimed he was being visited by Cold. Derenberger was interviewed and his story never changed, however he said the visits dropped off after the collapse of the Silver Bridge.

Case Evaluation

There are many corroborating witnesses for a UFO sighting at the time Woodrow Derenberger claims to have had his first encounter. One witness even came forward claiming to have seen Derenberger and Cold talk to each other.

On the other hand, it's also clear that there is no such thing as a Ganymede galaxy. And Derenberger's book, contains some rather wild stories.