Maldek is the name given to a planet of this solar system that was located between Mars and Jupiter, but which no longer exists. The Asteroid Belt between Mars and Jupiter are the remains of Maldek. The name Maldek is used in theosophical writings, as well as in the RA Material, as in Edgar Cayce's readings.

Exploded planet hypothesis

Many people, including many astronomers, believe the Asteroid Belt consists of the remains of an exploded planet. The theory, nowadays often referred to as the 'disruption theory,' was first formulated about two centuries ago. The name of the planet that would have existed is usually referred to as Phaeton. There are different views as to how the planet ended. They include that:

Mainstream astronomy considers it more likely that the Asteroid Belt consists of the remains of protoplanetary disk.


In the theories that Maldek was inhabited and destroyed, there are mainly three opposing views as to how this has happened: a war with Mars, natural causes, or self-destructed with technology.

Self-destruction: the RA Material and Theosophical writing

The short version is that Maldek at some stage was inhabited by a humanoid species. Just like the Apex-planet, Maldek was destroyed by nuclear war.

The longer version is that there was a cosmic war going on in space. Humanoids who were fleeing the war colonized Maldek about 8 million years ago. These would have been mainly of Sirian / Vegan / Lyran origins. There also was an indigenous primate-like population, which fits the characteristics of what we often call Bigfoot in the US, Ogo in Africa, or the Yeti in the Himalayas.

About 4 million years ago, other planets in our solar system, i.e. Earth, Mars and Venus also started being colonized.

Then, anywhere between 1 million to 700 000 years ago, a war started on Maldek. Some of the inhabitants fled to Earth, Mars and Venus, taking with them some of the Bigfoot creatures. The war ended in a nuclear disaster in which the planet was blown up. Everybody who was still on the planet was killed. Effectively, this catastrophe also caused Mars to start losing its atmosphere.

About half a million years ago, former inhabitants of Maldek would have started reincarnating on Earth, and together with the descendants of colonists that were still here, they slowly started the civilizations that would become Lemuria and Atlantis. And history would repeat itself...

The War in Heaven

The Farsight Institute did a series of remote viewing sessions on the history of the solar system. In those sessions, they saw a nuclear war between Mars and Maldek. In this narrative, Mars was inhabited by humanoids while Maldek was inhabited by a reptilian race. Maldek would have started invading Mars to extract resources. When Mars started losing the war, they used nuclear weapons to destroy Maldek.

Natural causes: Sitchin

According to Sitchin, Sumerian Mythology mentions the existence of a former planet between Mars and Jupiter that was called Tiamat. When Tiamat collided with the satellites (moons) of Marduk, a foreign celestial body, Tiamat was half destroyed. The surviving half was to become Earth, the destroyed half formed the asteroid belt. Marduk got an orbit around the sun and would be the "twelfth planet."