The Old Testament tells how Earth, before the creation of mankind, was inhabited by the "Nefilim." Traditionally, "Nefilim" was translated as "the giants." Semantically speaking, however, the expression comes from Sumerian and literally means "those who descended to Earth."
Several authors believe that the expression has to be taken in its original sense, i.e. that it refers to alien astronauts that came to Earth, even before the appearance of mankind.
(All sources on Earth's Galactic History, confirm that, indeed, Earth was visited by extraterrestrial civilizations -from Lyra, Sirius, Orion and the Pleiades- long before mankind even existed).

Z. Sitchin uses the term "Nefilim" to refer to the inhabitants of Nibiru (or Marduk), the so-called "Twelfth Planet." According to Sitchin, our solar system has a tenth planet (or twelfth if you call the moon and the sun planets too), with an 3,600 year orbit around the sun. Sitchin believes the Nefilim have visited Earth for the last 450,000 years, and are the creators of Homo Sapiens, and thus of mankind.

Many authors use the term more generically for the conglomerate of alien civilisations that created mankind.

Some authors, like e.g. David Icke, use the term to refer to the lineage of beings that was created when 'the Sons of God interbred with the daughters of man,' i.e. for beings that have a mixed ancestry that is part human, and part extraterrestrial. They believe most royalty and nobility would fall in this category.

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