Non-humanoid mammalian phenotype

The non-humanoid mammalian phenotype consists of beings that do not look human in appearance but that do have characteristics that make them mammal-like. Most of these are also bi-pedal. Four subcategories have thus far been defined.

  1. Sasquatch / Ogo / Yeti: These are three names for what is likely just one species. We seem to be dealing with the same kind of creature but in 3 different locations and with a different colour of fur depending on the location: white fur in the Himalayas, reddish brown to black fur in Northern America, and black fur in Africa.
    People also refer to these beings as 'Bigfoot,' and - inspired by Star Wars - as 'Chewbaccas,' or 'wookies.'
  2. Cetacean: dolphin-like beings.
  3. Tokoloshe: Tokoloshe is a creature that to this day is very much part of African mythology. Descriptions vary widely, though a "genuine" tokoloshe would look like a furry teddy bear with ridges on its head. Sometimes the term 'hairy dwarf' is used to describe these beings.
  4. Teetonian: see Teetonia.

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