Orion Priesthood

Throughout our galaxy the Orion Priesthood is well known and well respected. The movement started during the Orion Wars, within the ranks of the Rebels (See "Orion Wars" for more information). A lot of their beliefs and their way of life are based upon the original teachings of Merlin of Orion. They focus upon universal spiritual laws, like the law of karma, and the limitless force of unconditional love and forgiveness. They show how the battle between light and dark is not a battle between external forces, but only between parts of yourself. They also talk about the nature of the universe itself as conscious energy thriving to uplift itself, to become more aware, and to explore all levels of awareness, while ever creating new ones.
The widespread respect the Orion Priesthood commands also has to do with the "powers" the priests attain. It is not really known where the limit of their powers lies, or whether there is any at all. The more advanced members of the priesthood canbilocate or teleport at will. They can change matter by thought. As someone put it "they can do the fifth dimensional stuff in a third dimensional reality" (See"Density" for more information). Well known, too, is their gift of prophecy, of visions. (They are masters at remote viewing). Basically they are a lot like ascended masters we've had here on Earth! (See "Ascended Masters" for more information).
There is another characteristic for which they are famous. As the priests evolve and progress in their rigorous training, their eyes become more and more radiantly blue. In a way, you could think of them as "Jedi Knights" and the tricks they can perform, but they have the eyes of the "freemen" in Dune.

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