In Egyptian mythology, Ptah was worshiped in Memphis from the earliest dynastic times (c.3000 BC). Ptah was seen as the creator of the universe in the Memphite cosmology. He fashioned the bodies in which dwelt the souls of men in the afterlife. Other versions of the myths state that he worked under Thoth's orders, creating the heavens and the earth according to Thoth's specifications.
Ptah is depicted as a bearded man wearing a skullcap, shrouded much like a mummy, with his hands emerging from the wrappings in front and holding the Uas (phoenix-headed) scepter, an Ankh, and a Djed (sign of stability). He was often worshiped in conjunction with the gods Seker and Osiris, and worshiped under the name Ptah-seker-ausar.

SEE ALSO Osiris, Seker, Toth.

[Source: Shawn C. Knight, "Egyptian Mythology FAQ" ]