Spencer, Lawrence

Lawrence Spencer is a British scientologist and author who writes science fiction and fantasy. He is the author of the book Alien Interview, which in essence is a work of fiction - some say propaganda - to promote Scientology.

Alien Interview

The book Alien Interview was published in May 2008. The book is fiction but unfortunately is presented as if it is genuine. (The legal disclaimer in the book however states that it must be regarded as fiction).

No nurse with the name Matilda O'Donnell MacElroy ever worked in Roswell.

There never was a captive Grey / EBE with the name 'Airl'. On top of it, the name Airl is an anagram of liar.

The language used is filled with soclolinguistic anachronisms and Scientology vocabulary.

Unfortunately, this book is a hoax. This is definitive.

Lawrence Spencer is careful (presumably for legal reasons) to offer the written disclaimer that 'Alien Interview'. should be regarded as a work of fiction, but it does the UFO community (and the Scientology community - see below) no favors when Spencer maintained on subsequent radio talk shows, some with sizable audiences, that the purported "interview" really happened. It did not.

Conveniently, the claimed source, "Matilda MacElroy" is "deceased" - and Spencer "destroyed all the original documentation". So we'll just have to take his word for it... and his word, publicly stated, is that he is portraying real events. Sadly, his word is not very honorable, and he is lying. I don't often deploy that unpleasant word, but here its use is accurate and fair.

Any Scientologist with any experience will instantly recognize the very large number of terms and concepts directly borrowed from (and sourced by) L. Ron Hubbard.

These are literally too numerous to list, starting right at the start with "doll bodies", "what's true is what's true for you", "If you were looking for Hell, the Earth would suffice", liberal use of the term "Space Opera", the concept that the Earth is a prison planet, and much, much, much else.

Source: http://www.theoutpostforum.com/tof/showthread.php?1924-Roswell-Alien-Interviews-aboutwhat-s-been-going-on

Spencer took something that many bona fide researchers suspect, i.e., that the US retrieved a live Alien, referred to as EBE in the literature, at a crash location, and then made up a whole story around it.