Xendra, pronounced Shen-dra, is the name mentioned by contactee Sixto Paz Wells for some kind of Stargate or interdimensional gateway technology the aliens use that he's in contact with.

In an article on Exonews (http://exonews.org/xendra-domes-of-light-mission-rahmas-dimensional-portals/), Sixto Paz Wells from Peru tells us the following regarding xendras:

Among the least known contact experiences which nonetheless is one of the most extraordinary and incredible are the Xendra Interdimensional Doors.Âne feels as if the entire body is burning, a very strange sensation. In some cases one feels being like an inside-out sweater or jersey, as if one has been turned inside-out completely, somewhat similar to the story of Alice in Wonderland, meaning that they place you on the other side of the mirror. It really is an extraordinary experience, above all because when I first went into it I estimate I was between 4-5 days (in Ganymede) but upon my return found out that only 15 minutes had passed.


There was a famous Incident in March 2002, where Sixto Paz Wells had predicted a contact event, and a xendra manifested. Twenty-four (24) people, including Paz Wells, were seen going through it and dematerialized. When they came back they said they had met extraterrestrials. This even was witnessed by many people who were attending the International Congress of Extraterrestrial Contact, 

For more information on this event, see http://www.ufocasebook.com/thexendra.html