The contact case of Raphael Chacun from Tucson, AZ, investigated by Wendelle Stevens mentions a "planet Zeti from Orion."

Astronomical data

The case refers to a planet'Zeti' from Orion. It is unclear whether this is Alnitak, Zeta Orionis.


Raphael Chacun's main contact was the captain of the ship, and was called Nardell. Nardell didn't seem solid but consisted of millions of floating dots: "The small dot-man was about 5'4" tall and had a longer oval-shaped head, almost tear-drop shaped with the small end up. No hair was indicated and no ear shells could be seen. The eyes were small and close together, and were separated by a long almost parrot-beak shaped nose that began above the eyes and ended just above a mouth that looked like a rectangle of small openings or holes. The head was set on a short neck and that on to the torso that was quite human-like in a smaller way. The creatures hands were different and did not open like ours. Ralph did not see any fingers. When the dot-man grabbed him, he just stood close to Ralph and put his wrist up to Ralph's wrist and Ralph could not get away. The witness was unable to describe the creature's clothes because they also consisted of myriads of these beige and brown dots and he was not able to separate the details. Nardell released Ralph and faded out. The strange cloud flew rapidly away."


Raphael Chacun - also called Ralph Chacun - lived in Tucson, AZ. He had ongoing contacts with the inhabitants of planet Zeti. He went aboard their ship on several occasions. They even took him on time travels. In the end he is believed to have gone with them.
The case was investigated by Wendelle Stevens, who met him shortly before he left.

Miscellaneous info

There is another contact case that involves contact with beings that could be from the Alnitak system. In that contact case the planet is referred to as Nep-4.