Inxtria, also spelled Aenstria, allegedly is the name of a planet circling Beta Andromedae (Mirach). This is the planet 'Lya,' the main contact of Mexican Prof. R.N. Hernandez (a pseudonym) said she came from.
In July 1980, James Forber and two other witnesses from Johannesburg, South Africa, also encountered beings from Inxtria / Aenstria.

Astronomical data

Mirach, Beta Andromedae, is located in the constellation of Andromeda, at approximately 197 light years away.

Appearance (phenotype)

Appearance: Lya looked like a standard human (Phenotype A1), meaning indistinguishable from Earth humans, though she was tall (1.90m) and had dark hair. This would make her lineage Lyran Caucasian.
The beings encountered in South Africa were taller than the average human. One of them was 2.30m tall.

Case Information

The Hernandez Case

This is a famous contact case from Mexico, from the early 70s, where one of the students of a university professor reveals that she's extraterrestrial. In the book, the professor is referred to as Professor R.N. Hernandez, which is a pseudonym. What is known is that he was a University of Mexico tenured medical professor, and also was a senior member of the Mexican Atomic Energy Commission.

The case starts in 1972 but it was in 1974 when one of his students, looking like any ordinary human being, apart from the fact that she was 1.9m tall, told him she was extraterrestrial. Her name was Elyense - Lya was the name he gave her. Eventually, she even took him to her disc-shaped spacecraft.

The correct pronunciation of Inxtria, transcribed in English would be sign-ch'a.

Professor R.N. Hernandez mysteriously disappeared in 1981, two years after his story was published.

The South African Encounter

From Albert Rosales' database: July 1980, Johannesburg, South Africa. James Forber woke up in the middle of the night feeling a terrific thirst, but to his displeasure he is unable to move from bed. He notices a kind of blue nebulosity forming in the room; the center of the blue light implodes without noise, a being now appeared in the center of the light. [It] is a man-like figure approximately 2.30 m in height, wearing a white suit with shiny silver-blue eyes---Forber remembers [it] is the same face he saw at the window of a hovering saucer 6 months before. On its suit he sees a gilded badge, resembling a triangle and a pointed star. The man calls himself Karne, and tells Forber he is from a planet called “Aenstria”. Two nights later the entity returns, this time two young people are the main witnesses who see the entity enter the house. They both then accompany the entity into a landed saucer where he meets a female alien called “Meyae” apparently the commander of the craft. Both witnesses are told that the aliens come from the star system called Andromeda and that they were the ones who brought the prototype of all humans to earth, which they called “Adam Kadmon”.

Reliability of information

Two of the people to investigate the Hernandez case were Mexican journalist Zitha Rodriguez, and Wendelle Stevens, both of whom found the witness credible.

The South African case was published in UFO Geheimnisse & by NUFORIC, and is also considered credible, given that there were 3 separate witnesses.