Ruth Montgomery mentions the Alabram, a humanoid species that lives on a planet that lies beyond the Andromeda galaxy. Nobody else mentions them. The information she got on them was channeled.

Joshua David Stone has the following to say in Hidden Mysteries:

"Ruth Montgomery, in her channelings of her spirit guides, writes of another extraterrestrial civilization that is just beyond the andromeda Galaxy. The beings on this particular planet have a similar physical appearance to us, but with great enlarged diaphragms and lungs. This is because the oxygen on this planet is so weak that an Earth person could not exist.

"This planet has millions of people on it like ourselves. Their birthing process is different than us in that they carry the fetus for a shorter gestation period in their stomachs, and regurgitate it when the time for giving birth. At that moment the new baby is extremely small. It reaches full maturity in only seven years.

"The beings on this planet have extremely large brains and are able to absorb information through osmosis, and are very telepathic. They drink liquid similar to water and live on foods that are grown in caves and tunnels hollowed out beneath the surface of the earth. The reason for this is the star that serves as their sun is so hot that it would burn the plants if they were planted on the surface of the planet."

Reliability of the information: the information was channeled, and no other sources mention the Alabram.

Source: Joshua David Stone, Hidden Mysteries.