Albert Coe

H. Albert Coe is one of the earlier contactees and the author of the book, "The Shocking Truth" (published in 1969) that details his decades long interactions with a man from a group of human extraterrestrials that claim to be observers on Earth that originally came from a planet in the nearby Cetus constellation, called Norca.

Case Information

In June of 1920, Albert and his friend Rod were on a school holiday canoeing adventure from the wilds of Canada, back down through the river and canal system to their home of Hastings-On-Hudson, NY.

The two teenagers were near Trout Lake, Ontario on the banks of the Mattawa river; Albert and Rod at that point had separated to look for a clear route through the rough terrain that lay before them, when Albert suddenly heard a man cry out; "Oh help, help me. Down here."

Stuck in a deep cleft in the rock, where he had apparently fallen was a young man (later on Albert is to discover from the stranger; "I am exactly three hundred and four years older than you.").  

After freeing him from his predicament and tending to his wounds, Albert couldn’t help but notice the unusual silvery jumpsuit the man was wearing which had an instrument panel on the chest which had been smashed in his fall.  

Inquiring as to what the man was doing in such a remote area was met with the reply that he had a ‘plane’ parked in a nearby clearing.  

Albert helped the man look for his missing fishing rod and tackle box.  

The ‘fishing rod’ he found and noticed it was highly unusual; "...the likes of which I had never seen."

It was bright blue and the line came directly out of the tip.

The stranger who had been facing death was extremely grateful for Al’s assistance and requested his name and address for he; "would surely write, as he would be eternally grateful for giving him back his life."

Albert insisted on helping the man to his ‘plane’ and was quite surprised to see a circular flying disc parked in the clearing. 

After agreeing to secrecy, the disc rose vertically and silently zoomed off rapidly into the clouds.

The strange young man does indeed write Albert and during a series of subsequent meetings, a couple that take place in New York city and also a fishing trip together; the man who is given the name; "Zret," tells Albert who he really is and his involvement on the Earth. 

In order to understand this, we must go back in time 14,000 years to Norca around the star Tau Ceti, one of the closest Sun-like systems.

Planet Norca is 7/8 the size of the Earth and has 4 moons, a larger outer ‘natural’ one, and 3 inner artificially constructed moons that were specially designed to curtail evaporation and to stimulate moisture and temper the contrast between a very cold night period and a very hot day.  Their planet is slowly becoming uninhabitable over the millenniums with a thinning atmosphere and increasing escape of infra-red light.

An attempt was made to try to evacuate a portion of the population and try to reach our Sol star system.  

The larger Norca ships are circular and the outer edge measures 19 miles around. They each house up to 2200 families.

40 of these passenger ships and 22 transport ships, a total of 62 ships departed the Tau Ceti system and their main duration of flight lasted 58 years and 7 months which brought them to the edge of our solar system. 

In a tragic miscalculation which led to them being drawn into our Sun and destroyed, all of the ships were lost except for 1 containing approx 3700 people which miraculously survived a controlled crash on Mars.

These survivors managed to establish themselves on Mars using the technology and expertise they had with them. 

Over successive generations, once again, they were able to advance to the scientific potential of launching twin probes to Venus and Earth.  Allegedly, both were subsequently colonised.

On Earth the first landing by explorers from their Mars base was in Northern Atlantis approx 13,000 years ago.  Over the following years, 5 cities were established and thrived, in; North Atlantis (now submerged), Peru, west of the Marshall Islands (now submerged), Southern Tibet and Lebanon.  Eventually after a period of 300 years, their atomic and other advanced sciences were exploited by the natives that they had civilized and educated, which led to a massive destruction on Earth and the evacuation of the Norcans back to the other planetary bases.

In 1904, one hundred Observers came from the Tau Ceti colonies on Mars and infiltrated the Earth as small groups of technicians in every major country.

Zret explains; "Our mission here will forever be cloaked in the tightest secrecy. If the events that we foresee do not come to pass, our presence will not become known."

Their job was to watch and evaluate each step of our scientific advancement. As Zret states; "..To evaluate an advance in destructive forces, and in determining our potential of shattering our planet."

In 1937, the group in Germany had discovered that experiments with atoms were being conducted, and by 1939 they were fully aware that science was in the initial stages of exploiting the atom for nuclear destruction.  The solution the Observers worked on for many years was to put in place a protective belt around the Earth which was activated in 1958.

"We are indebted to them for efficiently fabricating a neutralizing screen, encompassing Earth, comprising the inner status of what is now known as the Van Allen Belts.

This action was a fore-thought to counteract a possible cataclysm through a chain reaction of the hydrogen atom, if or when we may lose control of these devices, thus guaranteeing a chance of limited survival."

Albert received a series of letters over the years from Zret, which he had agreed to burn after reading. He only told his wife of his experiences and kept quiet completely until after other people such as Adamski went public with their claims of meeting advanced space-people.

‘The Shocking Truth’ was written in 1964 and privately published in 1969 and much of the manuscript is an intense discussion of biological and ecological matters concerning the people of Earth.

In one of his messages to Albert Coe, Zret states; "The highest priority on the planet today is a need for a complete study of ecology."

Article contributed by Ash Staunton.