Michael Cohen mentions a race of 'Axthadans,' who come from a planet called 'Axthada' in the 'Andromeda Galaxy.' Cohen claims this alien civilization has been watching humans and even discreetly guiding them for thousands of years.

He continues "They are approximately a thousand years ahead of humanity in terms of technology. Their appearance is akin to the race we refer to as 'Greys'. This civilization has been entrusted by other more evolved aliens with the task of preparing humanity for possible integration into universal culture.

Axthadans are currently grooming over three hundred semi-technological civilizations for induction into a universal family of civilizations." (Quoted at:

Source and Reliability

1. Source reliability: the only source thus far for the Axthadans is Michael Cohen, who, unfortunately, does not have a particularly good track record when it comes to information of which he is the only source.

2. Content validation: the story seems to be a mixture of what Alex Collier says about the Andromedans, and what George Knapff says about the Verdants.