Bickle, Elaine

From Elaine's bio on JAR Magazine: I was born and raised in Arkansas. I have a double BS in biology/geology and a Masters in science education from the Univ. of Arkansas at Little Rock. I also took a graduate program in extraterrestrial planetology.
I have written two books on the paranormal: Voices or Echoes? is an account of the unexplained events in my life and my attempts to explain them. Dangerous Trespassers is a research book on paranormal research books, a geologist's viewpoint on more than 100 books and documentaries on paranormal issues. These books are available from me on CD @ $10 each. My life has been so full of "unexplained" events that I became a paranormal investigator simply to try and explain my own life. I "knew" of Greys and human experiments in the decade before Betty and Barney Hill. I can be reached at

Source: JAR Magazine