Bimini is the name of two small islands that are located approximately 50 miles east of the Florida coast, within the Bermuda Triangle. They are a part of the Grand Bahamas.
According to Edgar Cayce, Bimini is the place where remains (proof of existence) of Atlantis would be found. He predicted this would happen in '68, '69. There are several indications that this indeed did happen:

On the Internet I found an article in which the author, who prefers to remain anonymous, claims that he was member of a US Navy submarine crew that found and explored Atlantean ruins near Bimini. Because highly advanced technology was found, as well as possibly extra-terrestrial technology, the find was kept "top secret." (Two days after I had read it, the article had already been removed).

The book "Sacred Journey to Atlantis" describes how two Ascended Masters, Kuthumi and El Morya directed a group to visit the vortex of Atlantis, which is located thirty-five miles east of Bimini.