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Richard Boylan
Richard Boylan

Dr. Richard Boylan (PhD) rose to fame in the nineties as one of the more prominent alien abduction researchers. He was one of the speakers at the 1992 MIT conference on alien abduction, where he admitted that he, too, had been previously abducted.

In recent years, Richard Boylan has become a controversial figure for several reasons:

  1. Boylan claims that there are no negative abductions, and that negative experiences are the result of the personality of the abductee, rather than of the actual experience. (In other words, only people with psychological issues perceive the abductions as negative). (Needless to say, that most abduction researchers do not agree with this).
  2. Boylan also claims to have been nominated Earth's Ambassador to the Star Nations.
  3. Often Boylan seems to gain - and rely on - information from questionable Remote Viewing sources.

As a result, his credibility has suffered.

From his own web site -

Dr. Richard J. Boylan is a Ph.D. behavioral scientist, anthropologist, university associate professor (emeritus), certified clinical hypnotherapist, consultant, and researcher. He provides hypnotherapy for recalling full details of partially-remembered close encounters with the Star Visitors, and for exploring previous life experiences stored in subconscious memory.

Dr. Boylan also is a consultant to Star Kids and Star Seeds seeking to understand better their origin, identity and mission, so as to attain optimal awareness and clarity of identity, inner growth and spiritual development.

His career has spanned four decades of service as a social worker, psychologist (retired), clinical hypnotherapist, clergyman (retired), school administrator and clinic administrator. Dr. Boylan has served as a Lecturer at California State University, Sacramento, University of California, Davis, National University, Chapman University, and Sierra College.

Since 1989 Dr. Boylan has conducted research into human encounters with the Star Visitors. This has led to his current focus, creation of the Star Kids Project(c), and working with these hybrid children with advanced abilities and their families.

He has presented papers on his research at, among other conferences, the 1992 M.I.T. Abduction Study Conference, and the 1995 Cosmic Cultures International Conference at Washington, DC. He is author of three books, Close Extraterrestrial Encounters (1994), Labored Journey To the Stars (1996), and Project Epiphany (1997). He has over 50 articles published.

Dr. Boylan is Vice-President of the Academy of Clinical Close Encounter Therapists (ACCET) Inc., a federally- recognized nonprofit educational and research organization He has conducted numerous workshops for mental health professionals on the specialized counseling for experiencers of Star Visitor contact.
He has lectured widely at regional and national conferences, and has been interviewed on numerous radio and television programs, including NBC's "Sightings" twice, on Paramount Television Network's "Paranormal Borderline", and three times on Art Bell's "Dreamland" program.

Dr. Boylan is a member of the National Board of Hypnosis and Hypnotic Anaethesiology. He is Past-President of the Sacramento Valley Psychological Association. His wife, Lee Boylan, MBA and he have four children.

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