As a symbol, the Buffalo represents supernatural power, strength, fortitude.

In shamanic tradition, the Buffalo stands for "Prayer and Abundance." When faced with the Buffalo, "you may be asked to use your energy in prayer. You may also be called upon to be an instrument of someone else's answer to a prayer. This could portend a time of recognizing the sacredness of every walk of life, albeit different from your own. To honor another's pathway, even if it brings you sadness, is a part of the message that buffalo brings. This may be a time of reconnection to the meaning of Life and the value of peace. Most assuredly, this time will bring serenity amidst chaos, if you pray in earnest for enlightenment, and the power of calmness and give praise for the gifts you already have. Buffalo medicine is a sign that you achieve nothing without the aid of the great spirit and that you must be humble enough to ask for that assistance, and then be grateful for what you get." (Jamie Sams & David Carson, The Medicine Cards.)