In astronomy, Cassiopeia is the name of a constellation, in the shape of a W, which is located in between the constellations of Andromeda and Ursa Minor (and Cepheus). It is named after a character in Greek Mythology, Cassiopeia, who was the mother of Andromeda.

Cassiopeia, as depicted in the Urania Mirror cards

Alex Collier mentions a race which he calls the Cassiopeians. This would be an entirely insectoid sentient race that allegedly established a colony in what is now Algeria, in Northern Africa, some 600,000 years ago.

No other sources mention this insectoid race, though prehistoric artwork in the form of hybrid insect / humanoid figurines has been found.

There also are a series of channelings by Laura Knight-Jadczyk who channels a group of Cassiopaeans. (Not the slightly different spelling). These claim to be from the future. (See 

Cassiopeia Nebula
Cassiopeia Nebula (NASA)

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