Collective Dreamfield

The idea that reality is a collective dreamfield is a concept found in some Native American and other indigenous cultures. According to this belief, the universe is a product of the collective dreaming of all beings, and everything that exists is part of a single, interconnected dream. This view holds that individual consciousness is not separate from the greater consciousness of the universe, and that everything is part of a larger, interconnected whole. (See Jung's Collective Unconsciousness).

The belief in a collective dreamfield is often associated with the practice of shamanism, which is a spiritual tradition found in many cultures around the world, including Native American cultures. Shamans are believed to have the ability to enter into altered states of consciousness, such as through the use of ritual, meditation, or psychoactive substances, and to communicate with other beings, including spirits and ancestors.

While the concept of a collective dreamfield is not supported by mainstream scientific understanding, it has deep roots in many indigenous cultures and remains an important part of their spiritual traditions and worldview. It reflects a different way of understanding the nature of reality, one that emphasizes interconnectedness, community, and the importance of the natural world.